The Garden Shed

That Perennial Place in Morris offers different types of services, your home or business could ever need.

What is the Garden Shed?

The Garden Shed at That Perennial Place has a wide array of garden decor including concrete statuary, unique wrought iron, and ceramic pottery. Of course, we can't leave out the fairy garden decor. The Garden Shed has everything from starter kit's, plants, fairies, houses, and many accessories to choose from. Stop in to see the latest season items!

Wall Art

That Perennial Place has a wide variety of wall art to decorate your home affordably. Choose from paintings, framed photographs, sculptures, candle holders, mirrors, and more.

Home Accessories

Bring the garden indoors as well with our home accessories. This includes several types of knick knacks, sculptures, statues, centerpieces, candles and much more. Stop in to see our full selection.

Indoor House Plants

Indoor house plants add a touch of nature to any home or business environment. That Perennial Place has several to choose from, including ferns, succulents, and many more varieties that would be great for your fairy garden or terrarium.

Outdoor Plants

That Perennial Place in Morris has a large garden shed with several types of fruit plants, herbs, ornamental grasses, ornamental trees, perennial flowers of all types, roses, shade trees, shrubs, vines, and much more. Feel free to ask us any questions by contacting us or stopping in our location.


Pond Plants

That Perennial Place had a wide variety of pond plants to choose from. Call for availability.


Statuaries are also available from small portable sizes to larger garden size. We also have statues of many sizes, including animals, angels, and a wide variety of other figures, along with abstract shapes. Talk to our staff and we can find whatever you’re looking for.

Bird Baths

We also have a variety of colored ceramic bird baths to attract birds to your yard.

Garden Items


That Perennial Place has all the pots you need for your garden, including terracotta, ceramic, and metal in many types in all types of sizes for single flowers and plants, scrubs, small trees, and several flowering plants.

Garden Accents

Garden accents available at That Perennial Place include various animal statues such as frogs, rabbits, and dragonflies. We also have lighting accents, benches, trellis sections, wood carved pieces, and much more. Our accents are suitable for small residential gardens, large commercial gardens, parks, and much more.