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Botanical Name Common Name Product Description Sun Exposure Height x Width Bloom Color Bloom Time Price
Buxus x. 'Green Velvet' #3 Green Velvet Boxwood A broadleaf evergreen with a slow growing, rounded habit well suited for a low hedge. Had good green color in winter. Full Sun to Part Shade 2-3' h x 2' w 43.95 - 52.95
Buxus x. 'Green Mountain' #3 Green Mountain Boxwood Vigorous evergreen shrub with bright green foliage that retains good color through winter. Green Mountain's upright, naturally cone-shaped form makes it an excellent candidate for topiary forms--and a striking container or formal garden accent. Works well as a natural or shaped hedge as well. Full Sun to Part Shade 5' h x 3' w $52.95
Buxus microphylla 'Sprinter' #3 Boxwood Prefers moist, well drained soil. Fertilize with controlled release fertilizer in spring. Prune in summer only if needed. This is an improved, fast-growing form. Disease resistant, including to boxwood blight. Deer resistant. Full Sun to Full Shade 4'h x 4'w $69.95
Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Soft Serve' #5 False Cypress A compact, conical falsecypress with graceful, soft fern-like branches. The leaves are bright green on top and flecked with silver-blue on the underside. Extremely adaptable, but prefers moist, loamy, well-drained, lime free soil. Does not require pruning. Slow growing. Fertilize in spring with slow release fertilizer specialized for evergreens. Full Sun 10'h x 6'w $58.95
Ilex crenata 'Sky Pencil' #3 #5 Japenese Holly A narrow, columnar form with dark green foliage that stays neat year-round, and sports small purple berries in fall, with a male pollinator nearby. Leaves lack sharp points, making it ideal for decks, patios, and entryways. Plant close together for a wind break. Full sun 6-8'h x 2-3'w 44.95 & 47.95
Ilex m. 'China Boy' #3 Holly Vigorous grower makes an ideal hedge or low screne. Its dense branching habit takes shearing well, displays deep green lustrous foliage. This male variety does not produce berries; it will provide pollen to enable berry set on nearby female hollies. Full Sun to Part Shade 8-10'h x 6-8'w $35.95
Ilex m. 'China Girl' #3 Holly Mounding evergreen holly boasts a profusion of bright red berries each fall, backed by lustrous green foliage. Partners well with China Boy as a pollenizer, to assure berry set. The dense branching habit takes well to formal pruning. The ornamental berries are a valuable food source for overwintering birds. Excellent heat tolerance. Full Sun to Part Shade 8-10'h x 6-8'w $35.95
Juniperus chinesis 'Blue Point' #7 Blue point juniper A favorite for tall screens. Glowing blue-green foliage on a densley branched, broad pyramid form that maintains its natural form well with practically no pruning. Clipped topiary forms make a wonderful formal accent in entrances or on patios. Evergreen. Full subn 12'h x 8'w
Juniperus chinesis 'Gin Fizz' #7 Juniper This beautiful, pyramidal evergreen develops a very heavy crop of blue-green fruits that contribute to a delightfully textured, colorful look in the landscape. Deer resistant. Full sun 18'h x 10'w $117.95
Juniperus chinesis 'Sea Green' #5 Juniper 'Sea Green' is a compact, evergreen shrub with a fountain-like, arching habit. Typically grows 4-6' high and to 8' wide. Features dark green foliage (may turn darker in winter) which is attractive year-round. Full Sun 4-6'h x 6-8'w $49.95
Juiperus sabina 'Mini Arcade' #3 Juniper Full Sun 1-1/2'h x 3-4'w
Picea abies (FAST GROWER) #7 Norway Spruce Conifer, evergreen tree, pyramidal with drooping secondary branches, stiff when young more, graceful later. At maturity it may thin and be open. Needles bright to dark green, stiff, sharp pointed. Comes hang down. Prefers moderately moist, sandy, well-drained soils. Full sun 40-60'h x 25-30'w $118.95
Picea glauca 'Pendula' White Spruce Narrow, conical to pyramidal, evergreen tree adorned with a strong central leader and very pendulous branches that cascade down gracefully and hug the trunk. Its long limbs are covered with nice, blue-green needles. Fast grower 12 per year" Full Sun 12-40'h x 5-8'w $134.95
Picea pungens 'Fat Albert' Colorado Blue Spruce Superb evergreen conifer with rich blue needles on a densly branched, naturally pyramidal form. A very slow grower that will become quite large over time--40'h in ideal conditions. Full sun 10-15'h x 10-15'w $154.95
Pinus mugo pumilio #3 Mugo Pine dwarf, bright green color in all seasons. Attractive mounded shape that can be maintained by pruning. Especially nice in early summer when new 'candles' of growth appear. Very hardy and rugged. Full Sun 3-5' h x 3-6' w $36.95
Taxus x. media 'Taunton' #5 Dense Spreading Yew Lovely spreading form with dark green needles noted for their resistance to winter burn and tolerance of summer heat. Great for hedges, screens and foundation plantings. Evergreen. Full Sun 3-4' h x 5-6 w $54.95
Thuja o. 'Mr. Bowling Ball' #2 Arborvitae An excellent choice for low-maintenance landscape. This versatile, perfectly round evergreen can be used in borders, rock gardens, to enhance foundation plantings or highlighted as a specimen. The foliage varies dramatically from more common arborvitae. Soft, finely textured needles are sage green and almost feathery. Prefers well -drained soils and full sun but tolerates some shade. Full Sun to Part Shade 2-3' h x 2-3' w $48.95
Thuja o. 'Hetz Midget' #3 Arborvitae Small evergreen shrub has dense, globe shaped growth habit. Rich green needles are arranged in flat layered sprays. The compact form makes this a popular accent plant for mixed borders or containers. Very adaptable, tough, durable plant. Full Sun to Part Shade 3-4' h x 3-4' w $34.95
Thuja o. ' Holmstrup' #5 Arborvitae This densely branched, narrow conical evergreen has a neat, formal appearance. Effective landscape accent, windbreak or screen. Creates an attractive frame when planted in pairs. Full Sun to Part Shade 5-7' h x 2-3' w $56.95
Thuja o. 'North Pole' #7 Arborvitae Narrow upright columnar habit is perfect for narrow sites as a specimen or screen. Little care is needed. Evergreen. Hardy, resists winter burn. Excellent landscape plant. Full Sun to Part Shade 10-15'h x 5-7'w $64.95
Thuja o. 'Emerald Green' #5 Arborvitae Narrow, compact pyramidal form with bright lustrous emerald green foliage in vertical sprays. Does not discolor like many forms; excellent heat tolerance and very cold hardy. Slow to moderate grower. Full Sun to Part Shade 10-15' h x 3-4' w 64.95 & 211.95
Thuja o. 'Smaragd' 5' B&B Amer. Arborvitae Semi-dwarf cultivar with a compact, narrowly pyramidal habit. Glossy bright, green scale-like foliage in flat sprays. Like Emerald Green. Full Sun to Part Shade 12-14'h x 3-4'w $211.95
Thuja occidentalis 'Techny' 4' B&B Arborvitae Medium growing evergreen that has dark green soft foliage. In September of each year it sheds" all the growth from the previous year and it drops to the ground creating a very nice mulch area around the tree. Does not do well in sandy soils as it has a shallow root system. Will grow well in high ph soils such as long gravel roads and in clay soils." Full sun to part shade 10-15'h x 6-10'w
Thuja occidentalis 'Techny Mission' #5 Arborvitae Braod, pyramidal arborvitae. Fan-like needles are deep green, and have good color retention throughout the year. Avoid planting in shaded areas and wet sites. Full sun 15-20'h x 8-10'w $55.95
Thuja occidentalis 'Woodwardii' Globe Arborvitae Beautiful globe shaped shrub. Can be pruned to shape when needed. Perfect for hedges or narrow spaces. Beautiful grouped or massed in a shrub border. Full Sun 4-8'h x 6-10'w $56.95
Thuja plicata 'Green Giant' #7 Arborvitae Fast-growing, up to 3-5' per year. Dark green foliage all year. Makes a nice privacy screen. Plant every 5-6' apart. Drought tolerant once established. Grows in almost any soil, even sandy loam or heavy clay. Full Sun to Part Shade 40-60'h x 12-18'w 106.95 & 113.95