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Ornamental Grasses

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Botanical Name Common Name Description Sun Exposure Height x Width Bloom Color Bloom Time Price
Andropogon geradii 'Blackhawks' Big Bluestem Dark green upright foliage that begins to turn red in the cool nights of August and becomes a ravishing nearly black color by September. Full Sun 4-5'h x 1-2'w White August-September $13.95
Andropogon geradii 'Dancing Wind Big Bluestem Chosen and bred for its intense fall color, this tall and graceful native grass behaves just like Big Bluestem from spring to late summer, but in the fall, it comes into its own with distinctively brighter red foliage than you'd expect to see. Full Sun 6'h x 3'w Red August-September $11.95
Calamogrostis a. 'Eldorado' Feather Reed Grass A variegated selection of Feather Reed Grass, suited to a multitude of uses and not invasive in any way. Green leaves are striped down the middle with white, developing a decent sized clump by mid to late spring. Soft feathery greenish-mauve plumes appear in early to midsummer, maturing into stiff wheat-coloured spikes, which last into winter. Full Sun 4-5'h x 2-2.5'w Mauve July-October $9.95
Calamagrostis a. 'Karl Foerster' Feather Reed Grass This is perhaps one of the most versatile, attractive and carefree of the ornamental grasses. As a cool season grower, its deep-green, lustrous foliage becomes effective by early spring and lasts all the way until winter. Full Sun to Part Shade 5' h x 2' w Gold July-October $8.95
Carex g. 'Blue Zinger' Sedge Blue Zinger Sedge adapts to varied soil conditions and is drought tolerant once established. Carex flacca 'Blue Zinger' holds its blue coloring through the winter in milder climates and works well in sweeps as a clumping groundcover. Full Shade to Part Shade 12-18"h x 12-18"w White July $8.95
Carex m. 'Ice Dance' Sedge A bright groundcover for a shady spot, 'Ice Dance' has long shiny leaves trimmed in bright white. It spreads slowly to fill in and make a tidy cover that discourages weeds. Deer and disease resistant Full Shade to Part Shade 12-15" h x 12-18" w White August $9.95
Carex o. 'Evercolor Everolo' Sedge This selection from the Evercolor� series forms a cascading mound of bright, lime-green leaves that turn yellow-gold as they mature. Full Shade to Part Shade 18-20"h x 18-20"w Brown May-June $9.95
Erianthus ravennae Hardy Pampas Grass One of the loveliest ornamental grasses, superb as an architectural specimen or large accent. Foliage has a clumping habit; plant in groups to create a screen or windbreak. Long, showy, silvery white, silky plumes have gorgeous autumn coloring, persist into winter, and are superb in fresh or dried floral arrangements. Full Sun 8-10'h x 4-6'w White August-September $8.95
Festuca 'Blue Whiskers' Fescue Grass The finely textured, bright silvery blue leaves form a fully rounded, robust clump with consistent flower coverage across the habit. Yellow-green flowers appear above the clump on 18-22" scapes in early summer and age to tan as the season progresses. Full Sun 10-12"h x 24-28"w Yellow July $10.95
Hakonechloa 'All Gold' Hakone Grass This all-gold version of Hakonechloa macra is brighter in color than 'Aureola', has a more upright habit, and is a more vigorous grower. It tends to be more chartreuse in heavier shade, and brighter gold in more sun. Full Shade to Part Shade 9-14"h x 18-24"w Tan July-August $13.95
Imperata c. 'Red Baron' Japanese Blood Grass An unusual and dramatic grass, slowly forming a low clump. Leaves are green at the base, with red tips that become more intense over the summer and fall until they appear to glow. Effective as an edging, in the rock garden, and especially when mass planted. Full Sun to Part Shade 18-20"h x 12-18"w $9.95
Miscanthus s. 'Bandwidth' Maiden Grass This ornamental grass features multicolored foliage with an alternating yellow and green pattern that really stands out in traditional garden settings. A summer comes to a close, airy flower plumes emerge to add even more visual interest. Bandwidth is rust resistant, vigorous, and infertile so there's no need to worry about any errant reseeding. Full Sun 30-36"h x30-36"w Brown August-September $10.95
Miscanthus s. 'Encore' Maiden Grass Encore' is a perfect choice for northern climates, where the growing season is shorter. Since it blooms so early, this ornamental grass has a chance for an encore performance, shooting up a secondary flush of coppery purple plumes before frost hits. Full Sun 6-6.5'h 4'w Tan August-September $10.95
Miscanthus s. 'Gracillimus' Maiden Grass It is desirable for its finely narrow foliage and gracefully round form. Full Sun 7' h x 3' w White September-October $9.95
Miscanthus s. 'Morning Light' Variegated Maiden Grass This is a variegated form of maiden grass; fine textured, neat and arching. Its reddish-bronze blooms. Plant it near water as the reflected light will give it a spectacular silver appearance. Full Sun 4-5' h x 2' w White September-October $10.95
Panicum v. 'Cheyenne Sky' Switch Grass This variety has a tight, vase-shape form and incredible wine-red foliage that colors the plant beginning in late summer. The fall veil of wine-red flowering spikes are equally showy. Full Sun 3' h x 18" w July-August $11.95
Panicum v. 'Totem Pole' Switch Grass 'Totem Pole' forms a very upright column of steel blue foliage and powdery blue stems. In early fall, the top of the clump explodes with golden seed panicles. The narrow base of the plant makes it an ideal candidate for small spaces in the garden that need height and vertical structure. Full Sun 6'h x 2.5'w Tan July-August $11.95
Pennisetum a. 'Burgundy Bunny' Fountain Grass This selection is a miniature version forming an upright clump of narrow, green leaves bearing small, tufted, cream flower plumes in late summer. The leaves show red colour in summer but by fall are completely red, lasting until frost. Full Sun 16" h x 16" w White July-September $9.95
Pennisetum a. 'Puppy Love' Fountain Grass Its graceful, arching habit has medium to dark green foliage with burgundy accents. The darker red inflorescences begin to show color in late summer and continues until frost. Since this is not a sterile variety, make sure to deadhead seed heads so they don't seed around. Full Sun 30-36"h x 30-36"w Red August-September $10.95
Schizachyrium s. 'Blue Heaven' Little Bluestem BLUE HEAVEN� has a taller, more upright habit that does not tend to flop like the species. In the summer, the foliage color is a brighter steel blue color with purple highlights, looking almost iridescent up close. From late summer through early fall, glossy purple panicles appear with fluffy tan seeds attached. Full Sun 42-54"h x 30-40"w Purple August-September $10.95
Schizachyrium s. 'Standing Ovation' Little Bluestem Spikey bluish-green stems and leaves transition to a sizzling display of oranges, reds, yellows, and purplish-browns in the autumn. Also provides winter interest before cutting back in early spring to make way for new growth. Full Sun 3-4'h x 12-18"w Tan August-September $10.95
Schizachyrium s. 'Twilight' Little Bluestem Twilight Zone' stands out among Little Bluestems for its iridescent, silvery mauve color that appears in midsummer. These beautiful pastel tones intensify in fall when bright purple highlights appear. About half as wide as it is tall, it has a full, upright columnar shape. Full Sun 4-5'h x 2'w Tan August-September $11.95
Sporobolus heteroleopsis Prairie Dropseed Fine textured, deep green foliage with lovely, light and airy flowers to 2 1/2" in September and October. Flowers have a slight fragrance similar to coriander. Often has glowing pumpkin orange fall color. Good drought tolerance. Full Sun 2-3'h x 2-3'w White August-September $9.95