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Aquatic Plants

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Botanical Name Common Name Product Description Sun Exposure Height x Width Bloom Color Bloom Time Price
Elephant Ear Aloha has black/dark purple leaves with green veins and stems. Full Sun to Part Shade 4'h $9.95
Eichornia crassipes Water Hyacinth Water hyacinths have thick green waxy leaves grow that in rosettes. Its beautiful bloom of 8 to 15 flowers erupting from a single stalk. Flowers are blue-to-purple in color, usually with a yellow teardrop patch on the top petal. Full Sun to Part Shade 1-3'h Purple June-September $3.95
Hibiscus 'Disco Belle Mix' Rose Mallow Hibiscus moscheutos ‘Disco Bell Mix’ is a perennial with large leaves and many sturdy vertical stems. In summer, plants are crowned by striking saucer shaped flowers of red, white, or pink, many with a red eye. Adaptable to residential landscapes, and thrives in sunny medium to wet sites where it is sought after by many pollinators. Full Sun 24-36"h x 30-36"w Mix July-October $6.95
Iris versicolor 'Blue Water Iris' Blue Iris Several violet-blue flowers with attractively veined and yellow-based sepals are on a sturdy stalk among tall sword-like leaves that arise from a basal cluster. Flowers may be any shade of purple, but are always decorated with yellow on the falls. Full Sun to Part Shade 1-3'h x 1-3'w Purple May-August $6.95
Nymphaea 'Attraction' Hardy Water Lily Nymphaea ‘Attraction’ is an outstanding Marliac hybrid with flowers that have a deep garnet center and lighter outer petals with white striped sepals. It had cup shaped and the stellate flowers with 26 to 28 petals. The pads are green and sometimes start out a bronze color that changes to green. Full Sun Pink $29.95
Nymphaea 'Albatross' Hardy Water Lily Has white flowers and white sepals. It has a 8-10" olive green leaves with red undersides. Full Sun White June-September $29.95
Pista straiotes Water Lettuce Water lettuce is popular for those with water gardens because its presence inhibits the growth of algae and cleans the water. It has even been proven effective at removing heavy metal toxins like zinc and cadmium from a water supply. Full sun $3.95
Pontederia cordata Pickerel Weed Glossy, narrow, arrowhead-shaped green leaves (to 10” long) have rounded cordate bases and rise well above the water surface. Tiny, tubular soft blue flowers are densely packed into erect, 3-6” long spikes atop flower stalks typically rising 1-2’ above the water surface. Plants flower freely from June to October. Full Sun 2-4'h x 2'w Blue June-October $6.95
Ruellia b. 'Chi Chi' Mexican Petunia Soft, pink, petunia-like flowers from summer through fall. Its narrow, dark green leaves and purple stems set off blooms nicely. Upright plant that spreads underground via rhizomes and by seed. It is very tolerant of heat and humidity. Zone 7-10 Full sun to light shade 18-24"h x 15-18"w Pink Mid-summer to fall
Ruellia b. 'Katie' Mexican Petunia Its linear, sword-shaped leaves measuring 4-5.5 ins. long and 0.5-0.7 ins. wide are deep-green in color with a metallic bluish tinge, almost hiding the stem that holds them. Clusters of brilliant purple or bluish purple trumpet-shaped, petunia-like flowers about 1.5-2 ins. wide are borne at stem tips. A prolific bloomer throughout the hottest seasons, it is absolutely stunning indeed! Zone 8-10 Full Sun to Part shade 2-3'h x 2-3'w Purple June-September $6.95
Sarracenia 'Velvet' Pitcher Plant The plant has 8-12 inch pitchers with ruffled hoods. Coloration starts as a light green and turns deep red with white blotches with age and in full sunlight. Full Sun to Part Shade 8-12"h x 24-36" $11.95
Sisyrinchium californicum Yellow eyed grass Yellow eyed grass is a native perennial herb that grows to about 8 tall. It tends to grow in moist places. It has yellow flowers that appear from May-June. It forms small clumps and self sows so it will spread. Deer resistant." Full Sun to Part shade 0.5-1'h x 0.5'w Yellow May - June
Zantedeschia aethiopica Calla Lily Well suited for bog or marsh gardens, near ponds, as border plants. May be grown in containers Full Sun to Part Shade 1-3'h x 1-2'w White June-July $10.95