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Botanical Name Common Name Description Sun Exposure Height x Width Bloom Color Bloom Time Price
Actinidia kolomikta Kolomikta Vine A colorful vine with heart-shaped, pink, green and white variegated leaves. Some are half pink or cream and others are green, others may have pink or cream tips. Male form of the Kolomikta vine. Full Sun to Part Shade 12-15' h $19.95
Campsis radicans Trumpet Vine Trumpet Vines are definitely an old fashioned favorite. A vigorous, woody vine with large, 3-inch, trumpet-like orange flowers in August and fancy cut leaves. This vine is easy to establish and grows luxuriantly. Full Sun to Part Shade 25-40'h x 5-10'w Orange August $32.95
Clematis 'Bourbon' Clematis The red 5-6" flowers with intense pink bars of Clematis Bourbon highlight the contrasting yellow anthers. Blooms July to early August. Shorter in length, this variety is perfect for growing in containers but equally content when grown in the ground and clambering up a smaller trellis. Full Sun to Part Shade 6-8'h Red June-August $36.95
Clematis 'Diamond Ball' Clematis The cool white-blue flowers are round or semi-spherical in shape, and reach 4-5" in diameter. This prolific bloomer flowers on both old and new wood, and blooms from June through August. Full Sun to Part Shade 5-6'h White/Blue June-August $36.95
Clematis 'Jackmanii Superba' Clematis The most popular of the clematis vines. Showy, deep violet-purple flowers are slightly broader than those of C. 'Jackmanii' and will cover this climbing vine throughout most of the summer. An excellent vine for adding vertical interest to the landscape on a fence or trellis, or along rock walls. Deciduous. Full Sun to Part Shade 10-12'h Purple June-September $36.95
Clematis 'Killian Donahue' Clematis The early flowers open ruby red at the center of the flower, fading to brilliant fuchsia and then orchid color at the edge of each petal. The flowers fade to lavender with a pink bar. Its dancing white anthers are burgundy tipped. It is an early bloomer and is a great repeat bloomer throughout the summer months. Pruning type 2. Full Sun to Part Shade 8-12'h Pink June-August $36.95
Clematis 'Stand By Me' Clematis A non-vining herbaceous Clematis that dies back to the ground at the end of the growing season. Blue bell-shaped flowers. Benefits from staking, cages or neighboring plants for support. Full Sun to Part Shade 2-3'h x 2-3'w Blue May-July $14.95
Clematis 'Still Waters' Clematis Large, icy violet-blue flowers contrast with the dark red stamens of this stunning, easy-to-grow new clematis variety. Early flowering, long-lasting blooms appear from late spring to late summer. Full Sun to Part Shade 4-8'h x 2-3'w Lt. Purple June-August $36.95
Clematis 'Viva Polonia' Clematis Viva Polonia' is a new, easy-to-grow clematis with large red flowers, each graced with a white star in the center. This long-blooming plant starts its display in early summer, and continues to produce new wood blooms through mid-summer. I Full Sun to Part Shade 4-6'h x 3-5'w Pink June-August $36.95
Hummulus lupulus Hops Vine Common hop grows rapidly each year to 15-20' long on rough stems clad with lobed leaves. Yellow-green male flowers bloom in catkins. Female flowers and subsequent seeds are born in cone-like structures (strobiles) which mature in late summer to early fall. Strobiles are typically collected in September-October with the seeds dried for use in the manufacture of beer. Flowers emit a pine-like fragrance and are attractive to butterflies. Full Sun to Part Shade 15-20'h Green September-October $9.95
Hydrangea a. petiolaris Climbing Hydrangea One of the best vines for clinging to brick or stone walls. The white flowers are produced in flat-topped corymbs in late June or early July, 6-10" in diameter with a sweet fragrance. Does well in sun or shade. Full Shade to Part Shade 15-25' h White June-July $38.95
Lonicera reticulata 'Kintzley's Ghost' Honeysuckle Showy yellow flowers cover the vine in June with the distinctive appearance of eucalyptus-like bracts. The vine is easy to grow and is undemanding, requiring only average garden loam and moderate irrigation. The unusual and distinctive appearance makes this a "must have" for gardeners wanting something new and different. Full Sun to Part Shade 8-12'h Yellow June-August $17.95
Lonicera s. 'Major Wheeler' Honeysuckle Blazing red and gold blooms appear all summer long, and into fall. Stems are often red to purple turning greenish brown with age. A vigorous, fast growing vine, perfect for covering a fence post, arbor or trellis. This excellent selection thrives in high humidity and is mildew-free. Full Sun to Part Shade 6-10'h Red June-September $24.95
Lonicera x b. 'Dropmore Scarlet Honeysuckle Long blooming season of showy tubular flower clusters; backed by attractive blue-green foliage. Handsome, dense vine for fences, arbors, even as a groundcover. Long lasting red berries follow the blooms. Full Sun to Part Shade 10-20'h Red June-August $24.95
Lonicera x. b. 'Honeybelle' Honeysuckle Its first flush of flowers is like a waterfall of golden blossoms and repeat blooms with extraordinary consistenty. It is exceptionally hardy, withstanding temperatures to -39� F. This compact twining vine will bloom well into fall and produces some red berries. Although it will grow in semi-shaded areas, full sun will ensure the best show of blooms. Full Sun to Part Shade 10-20' Yellow June-September $16.95
Lonicera x. h. 'Goldflame' Honeysuckle Woody vine valued for its rosy-red and yellow flowers from June until frost. Fragrant flowers continue as new growth develops. Attractive oval blue-green foliage on purplish-red glabrous stem. Shade tolerant. Full Sun to Part Shade 10-20' h Yellow June-October $24.95
Parthenocissus q. 'Engelmannii' Engelman Ivy / Virginia Creeper Self-cleaning green foliage turning scarlet-red in fall with black-blue fruit in September. Vigorous grower. Full Sun to Part Shade 30' h $14.95