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Botanical Name Common Name Product Description Sun Exposure Height x Width Bloom Color Bloom Time Price
Amelanchier 'Autumn Brilliance' #7 clump Serviceberry Brilliant orange-red fall color. Flowers bloom in April followed by edible fruits in June. Berries resemble blueberries in taste and may be used in jams, jellies, and pies. Deciduous. Full Sun to Part Shade 15-25'h x 15-25'w White April $129.95
Amelanchier a. 'Regent' #3 Serviceberry Large white flowers in spring followed by dark purple to black fruit that is sweet and good for eating and making jelly. Tolerates harsh, dry and alkaline conditions when mature. Full Sun to Part Shade 4-6'h x 4-8'w White May $36.95
Aronia arbutifolia 'Brilliantissima #3 Chokeberry Improved, compact selection noted for its lovely whote spring flowers followed by larger, more abundant glossy red fruit and brilliant red fall foliage. Full sun to Part Shade 6-8'h x 3-4'w White April $42.95
Aronia melanocarpa 'Ground Hug ' #2 Dwarf Aronia Super tough native shrub that grows as a dense groundcover. This unique habit makes it ideal for transforming difficult areas into beautiful low maintenance plantings. Spring brings a flurry of dainty white flowers nestled among the glossy green foliage. Come fall dark purple berriers develop, along with outstanding red foliage. Full Sun to Part Shade 14"h x 3'w White May $35.95
Aronia mel. 'Low Scape Hedger' #3 Aronia Super versatile native flowering shrub. Reaching just 3.5' tall, it’s a dense column of glossy green foliage that's perfect for low hedges or screening. Spring finds the plant covered in hundreds of white flower, and come fall, the foliage lights up bright red and oranges. Drought tolerant once established. Full sun to part shade 3-5'h x 2-3' Whiteq May $38.95
Aronia m. 'Iroquois Beauty' #5 Chokeberry An open, upright, spreading somewhat rounded but leggy, suckering, deciduous shrub. Noted for its 5-6 clusters of 5 petaled spring flowers, black autumn berries and purple/red fall color. Full Sun to Part Shade 2-3'h x 4-5'w White May $36.95
Azalea 'Cascade' Rhododendron Glorious white with yellow spotting trumpet-shaped flowers. During fall and winter, its glossy green leaves become a dark yellow-green, adding interest to your garden. Part Shade 3-4'h x 4-6'w White w/rose April-May
Azalea 'Cascade' #3 Rhododendron Compact shrub covers itself from top to bottom with glorious white with yellow spotting trumpet-shaped flowers. During fall and winter the glossy green leaves become a dark yellow-green, adding interest to your garden. Deer resistant. Part shade 2-3'h x 4-6'w White May $52.95
Azalea 'Lemon Lights' #3 Rhododendron Smothered in showy fragrant yellow flowers in spring before the leaves, tall upright habit and good fall color. Part Shade 5'h x 4'w Yellow April-May $61.95
Azalea 'Rosebud' #3 Rhododendron Shell pink resebuds open to rosy pink double flowers in spring. Part Shde 2-4'h x 2-4'w Pink April-May $52.95
Berberis thunbergii 'Concorde' #3 Barberry Showy purple-red foliage all season long turns deep amber in fall. Dense branching habit makes a superb hedge or barrier plant. Moderate grower. Full Sun 2' h x 3' w $35.95
Berberis t. 'Crimson Pygmy' #2 Barberry A dwarf, densely branched form displaying deep crimson colored foliage all season long. Best color when planted in full sun. Excellent color contrast against green or gold-leafed plants. A great choice for mass plantings, particularly as a low hedge or border plant. Deciduous. Full Sun 2' h x 3' w $38.95
Berberis thun. 'Golden Torch' #3 Barberry A rare find! Leaves emerge with an incredible orange new growth that turns bright yellow as it ages. The yellow color holds up well in the sun without burning. When falls arrives the leaves turn a striking orange-gold color. Easily transplants, is tolerant of drier soils nad full sun. No pruning necessary. Full Sun 3-4'h x 1 1/2 - 2'w Golden yellow $32.95
Berberis thunbergii 'Lemon Glow' #2 Barberry Worry free barberry. Non-invasive variety that will not reseed so no worries about it spreading to other areas. Lemon yellow foliage on a compact plant. Full Sun 3-3.5'h x 2'w Yellow $44.95
Berberis thunbergii 'Sunjoy Tangelo' #3 Barberry Bright orange foliage stays colorful spring through fall. Fast growing shrub for colorful hedges. Deer resistant. Full Sun 4'h x 4'w $63.95
Callicarpa dic. 'Early Amethyst' #5 Beautyberry Small, compact, rounded, deciduous shrub primarily grown for its eye-catching display of shiny purple berries from late summer through fall. It bears clusters of small lavender flowers in summer. Full sun to part shade 3-4'h x 4-5'w Lavender-pink June-August $53.95
Calycanthus f. 'Simply Scentsational' #5 Sweetshrub The nicest smelling native on the market. Gorgeous velvety magnolia-like flowers. Large burgundy blooms from spring into summer. Deer resistant Part Sun to Full Sun 6'h x 5'w Red June-September $56.95
Caryopteris x. c. 'Arthur J. Simmonds' #1 Bluebeard Low, compact shrub with dark green foliage, silvery undersides, and violet-blue blooms from July to frost. The beautiful flowers attract birds and bees; however the fragrant foliage is unattractive to rabbits, deer and insects. Full sun 2-3'h x 2-3'w Blue July-September $17.95
Caryopteris x. c. 'Sapphire Surf' #2 Bluebeard Compact, low maintenance shrub that produces a swell of stunning rich blue flowers from top to bottom in late summer and fall when few other plants are blooming. Deer and drought resistant. Full Sun 2'h x 3'w Dark blue August-October $32.95
Cephalantus occ. 'Magical Moonlight' #3 Buttonbush A beautiful native that adapts to most of the US. Fragrant flowers which attract butterflies, and in late summer are sufficient for birds to enjoy. Thrives in wet environments such as ponds or naturalized wetlands. Part Sun 4'h x 4-5'w White June $45.95
Cephalantus occidentalis 'Sugar Shack' #3 Buttonbush Glossy foliage emerges red, shifts to green, then burgundy in fall. Highly fragrant white blooms in summer precede colorful red fruit in late summer. Part Sun 5'h x 5'w White June $41.95
Chaenomeles 'Double Take Scarlet' #3 Quince Puts on a spectacular early spring display of large red, double flowers. Trim to shape after flowering. Full Sun 4-5'h x 3-4'w Red May $51.95
Clethera alnifolia 'Ruby Spice' #5 Summersweet Beautiful shrub with distinctive, bright pink, bottlebrush-like, flower spikes, delightfully fragrant and long-lasting in mid summer. Also provides great fall color with its lustrous dark green leaves turning glowing yellow. Full sun or shade 4-6'h x 3-5'w Rose pink July-August $50.95
Cornus a. 'Ivory Halo' (Bailhalo) #5 Dogwood This compact selection of Variegated Dogwood retains its beautiful variegated green and white foliage in summer and the attractive red twigs in winter. Full Sun to Part Shade 5-6' h x 5-6' w $42.95
Cornus s. 'Arctic Fire' #3 Dogwood This compact selection of Red Twig Dogwood has dark red stems that provide a spectacular show in the winter sunlight.Great in perennial or shrub borders, or used in flower arrangements. Cut vibrant stems for a dynamic addition to holiday arrangements. Full Sun to Part Shade 3-4'h x 3-4'w White June $38.95
Cotinus c. 'Royal Purple' #3 Smokebush Foliage is rich, maroon-red and darkens to almost purplish-red or black; the panicles are also a purplish-red. Fall color is a very striking red. Could benefit from a rejuvenation pruning. Full Sun to Part Shade 8-10' h x 8-10' w Purple June-July $41.95
Cotinus c. 'Winecraft Black' #3 Smokebush In spring, round leaves emerge rich purple but as summer's heat comes on, they turn a deep near-black tone and finally light up in an array of reds and oranges in fall. In early summer, large, soft panicles of bloom appear that become the misty smoke" that makes this such a popular landscape plant. Unlike other smokebush it naturally has a rounded dwarf habit which means that finally every landscape has room for this unique plant." Full Sun to Part Shade 4-6'h x 4-6'w
Cotoneaster apiculatus #3 Cotoneaster Dense, broad upright, somewhat mounding deciduous shrub with stiffly arching branches. Small pinkish flowers in late apring give way to red (cranberry-like) berries which mature in late summer and persist into winter. Full Sun 2-3'h x 3-6'w Pink May-June $32.95
Cotoneaster proc. 'Little Dipper' #2 Cotoneaster Great for covering large areas of bare ground quickly, and beautifully. This sprawling shrub is a galaxy of tiny white, five-petaled flowers in spring,which give way to cherry red fruits through summer. Low maintenance groundcover. Full sun to part sun 12"h x 4'w White May-June $35.95
Deutzia x ''Yuki Cherry Blossom' #2 Yuki Deutzia Perfectly pretty pink flowers on a deutzia. A shower of elegant pink flowers creates a carpet of color. Great for mass plantings because of its neat, mounded habit and burgundy-purple fall color, this tough, adaptable plant makes an excellent groundcover, especially on a sunny slope. Full Sun to Part Shade 1-2'h x 1-2'w Pink May-June 37.95 & 41.95
Deutzia x ''Yuki Snowflake' #2 Yuki Deutzia Elegant white spring flowers appear at the perfect time for spring gardens, and its neat, mounded habit and attractive fall color make it a great landscape plant, too. Full Sun to Part Shade 1-2'h x 1-2'w White April-May 37.95 & 41.95
Diervilla s. 'Cool Splash' #3 Bush Honeysuckle The cool foliage stays bright and clean right up until the first frost. Bunches of yellow blossoms adorn the plant in June and July. Easy to grow in a variety of soils, densely branched shrub that forms under ground suckers, developing colonies over time. Use in woodland settings or mass plantings for a spectacular effect. Full Sun to Part Shade 3-4' h x 3-4' w Yellow June-July $50.95
Diervilla s. 'Kodiak Black' #3 Bush Honeysuckle New growth emerges deep purple-black all season but is especially dramatic in spring and fall. The neat, tidy stems are peppered with yellow trumpet-shaped blooms all summer. This fast growing, vigorous North American native is unbothered by pests or diseases. Full sun to Part Shade 3-4'h x 3-4'w Yellow June-July $49.95
Diervilla s.'Kodiak Red' #3 Bush Honeysuckle A sure-fire shrub that thrives in almost any garden setting. Not only is it extremely hardy, but it showcases that classic red fall color! It can handle any type of sunlight or shade situation. This mounded shrub will tolerate poor soil conditions, too! Full Sun to Part Shade 3-4'h x 3-4'w Yellow June-July $49.95
Diervilla s. 'Kodiak Orange' #3 Bush Honeysuckle This shrub pushes fall color to the limits woth its glowing orange fall foliage. Bright yellow flowers in early summer add to its appeal. Thrives in sun or shade, is drought-tolerant, and deer resistant. Blooms on new wood. Full Sun to Part Shade 4'h x 4'w Yellow July-September $49.95
Euonymus a. 'Compactus' #3 #5 Dwarf Burning Bush Dwarf form, bush, compact, corky barked plant. Excellent for hedges; brilliant fall color. Slow growing. Full Sun to Part Shade 5-8' h x 5-8' w 35.95 & 43.95
Euonymus f. 'Emerald N Gold' #2 #3 Wintercreeper Colorful evergreen shrub sports bright green leaves with gold edges, turning pinkish red in fall and winter. Spreads by creeping stems that root where they touch the ground. Gently climbs with support. Full Sun 2'h x 5'w $37.95
Euonymus fortunei 'Ivory Jade' #2 Wintercreeper Beautiful variegated shrub with a low, spreading form highlighted by rich green leaves with ivory white margins that are ofter tinged with pink in winter. Highly adaptable and versatile in sun or shade. Full sun to part sun 3'h x 6'w $44.95
Euonymus fort. 'Moonshadow' #2 Wintercreeper Broadleaf evergreen shrub. Dark green margins encircle the bright yellow centers of each narrow leaf and are touched with pink in the fall and winter. The surface of the leaves are glossy similar to that of a boxwood. It is a creeping shrub, so it may need to be pruned to maintain shape. Deer resistant. Full sun to part shade 12-24"h x 24"w $34.95
Forsythia 'Sugar Baby' #3 Forsythia Small plant with a big show. Space-saving dwarf habit, very deer and rabbit resistant. Flowers are packed closely together in tight clusters for a display that easily outperforms any others. Full sun to part sun 2'6"h x 3'w Yellow April $49.95
Forsythia x. i. 'Sunrise' #3 Forsythia Abundant bright-yellow flowers that grow on short branches. This forsythia works well planted individually or in a mass. Dark green, glossy foliage all season long. In fall, the foliage shifts to purple. Pruning is best immediately after flowering to allow for new growth to form buds for the following spring. Full Sun to Part Shade 5'h x 5'w Bright yellow March-April $31.95
Fothergilla major 'Mount Airy' #3 Fothergilla A deciduous shrub with deep blue-green leaves that have spectaculat range of fall color. Showy, honey-scented, bottlebrush-like white flowers appear before foliage emerges in spring. Low growing Full sun to part sun 5-6'h x 5-6'w White May $48.95
Fothergilla x. i. 'Legend of the Fall' #2 Bottlebrush Beautiful, brilliant, autumn color of glowing hues or orange, yellow and red. One of the most shade tolerant landscape shrubs and thrives even in hot climates. It’s a very nice choice for planting under trees. Deer resistant. Blooms on old wood. Full Sun to Part Sun 4-5'h x 4-5'w White May $42.95
Hamamelis vernalis #5 Witch Hazel The floral display of witch hazel is unique. Its fragrant, yellow flowers with strap-like, crumpled petals appear in the fall, persisting for some time after leaf drop. Lettuce-green, deciduous leaves maintain a rich consistency into fall when they turn brilliant gold. Bark is smooth and gray. Full Sun to Part Shade 15-20'h x 15-20'w Yellow October-December $62.95
Hibiscus 'Blushing Bride' #3 Rose of Sharon An outstanding flowering shrub that provides color in the summer. Large double flowers with a lovely pink blush are held on upright slender branches with toothy green leaves. Full sun to part sun 10'h x 6'w Pink July $45.95
Hibiscus s. 'Lavender Chiffon' #3 Rose of Sharon Large, single lavender flowers are adorned with a lcy center to create an anemone-like bloom. Beautiful for use in a mixed container, or incorporated into a mixed border. Long blooming. Deer and drought resistant. Blooms on new wood. Full Sun 12'h x 6'w Purple June-August $48.95
Hibiscus 'Magenta Chiffon' #3 Rose of Sharon A bright magenta-purple rose of Sharon that is floriferous and long blooming, summer through fall, attracting hummingbirds. Full sun 12'h x 10'w Magenta June-August $48.95
Hibiscus 'Paraplu Pink Ink' #3 Hibiscus Very large, showy white and pink flowers. The star-like pink eye of the center of each bloom makes for a dazzling effect. Even though each individual flower lasts only one day, the plant makes lots of buds for long-lasting color you can enjoy for months every season. Moves in the breeze not still like other Rose of Sharons. Full sun 8'h x 5'w Pink June-September $48.95
Hibiscus 'Purple Satin' #3 Rose of Sharon Blooms rich dark purple blooms with deep red eyes throughout the summer months. Dead-heading is not necessary, but can be pruned in spring for shaping if necessary. Full Sun 12'h x 8'w Dark purple June-September $49.95
Hibiscus 'White Chiffon' #3 Rose of Sharon Long blooming. Large velvety white blooms stand out at night. Deep green foliage that further compliments the bright white blooms. Attracte pollinators and is deer resistant. Full Sun 12'h x 6'w White June-Spetember $48.95
Hydrangea a. 'Annabelle' #3 Smooth Hydrangea Stunning pure white flowers, much larger than others of the species --up to 12 across. Blooms appear in late spring to summer often continuing into fall. Strong straight stems hold the huge flower heads up well. Deciduous. Blooms on new wood; prune back close to the ground in late winter." Part Shade 5'h x 5'w White June-September
Hydrangea a. 'Incrediball' #3 Smooth Hydrangea A superb improvement, with giant blooms that have roughly 4 times as many flowers as 'Annabelle'. The show begins in midsummer with huge round blooms clustered atop sturdy branches that are surrounded by medium green oval leaves. Cut back in spring to promote flowering on summer wood. Part Shade 4-5' h x 4-5' w White June-October $39.95
Hydrangea a. 'Invincibelle Garnetta' #3 Smooth Hydrangea Full mophead pink flowers. Boasts a supportive, sturdy stem…no blooms laying on the ground! Compact size, and reblooming ability for months instead of weeks. Blooms a bit later than the rest of the Invincibelle series. Deadheading not necessary. Full sun to part sun 2'6"h x 2'6"w Pink Summer-Fall $50.95
Hydrangea a. 'Invincibelle Mini Mauvette' Smooth Hydrangea Deep pink-mauve blooms in early summer that continues through frost for an endless supply of flowers. With its strong stems and tidy, rouned, dwarf habit, it is a versatile plant. Full sun to part sun 3'h x 3'w Pink/mauve June-October $53.95
Hydrangea a. 'Invicibelle Ruby' #3 Smooth Hydrangea he dark burgundy red flower buds of Invincibelle Ruby open to a two-toned combination of bright ruby red and silvery pink. The foliage is extra dark and stems are strong, making this new hydrangea a gem in any garden. It is a strong rebloomer that will be an excellent addition to any garden. Like other smooth hydrangeas, it flowers on new growth and so blooms every year without fail. Part Shade 3-4'h x 3-4'w Red June-October $54.95
Hydrangea a. 'Invincib. Wee White' #2 #3 Smooth Hydrangea Each flower emerges a soft, blush pink before changing to white, and is held up on a strong, supportive stem. Blooming begins in early summer and continues through frost, with new flowers appearing the whole time. Blooms on new wood; prune the whole plant back about 1/3 its total height each spring just as new growth begins to appear on the stems. Part Shade 1-2.5'h x 2-3'w White June-September 45.95 & 52.95
Hydrangea a. 'Invincibelle Sublime' #3 Smooth Hydrangea Cloud mophead flowers floating above the plant on super sturdy stems., Each floret of the big, fluffy blooms is a deeply saturated tourmaline-green that looks refreshing and intriguing in the garden all summer long. Very dark green foliage sets off the lively green of the blossoms. Full sun to part sun 5'h x 5'w Green SUMMER-FALL $49.95
Hydrangea m. 'Bloomstruck' #2 #3 Bigleaf Hydrangea This showstopper explodes with Mophead blooms covering rounded, compact plants. Blooms mature to shades of purple or rosy red (depending on soil pH) extending the display into fall, followed by rich, burgundy-red foliage. Flowering occurs on both old wood and new growth on this variety, assuring flowers even after a severe winter. Part Shade 2-4' h x 3-4' w Blue/Pink June-October