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Mulch Variety in Morris, IL

That Perennial Place specializes in different types of mulch for residential and commercial properties in northeastern Illinois, including Morris, Joliet, Naperville, Oak Brook, and other nearby cities.

mulch, pot, and flower

Premium Hardwood Mulch

One of the best mulches for plants, premium hardwood mulch, provides generous nutritional value for many different types of plants, including evergreens, several tree species, and flowers. This type of mulch, available at That Perennial Place, has a rich brown color, enhancing the appearance of your property as well.

grass and red mulch

Red Mulch

We also offer inorganic red mulch, which is made from the bark of cypress, redwood, cedar, and pine trees. Its main advantage is that it provides nutrients while it decomposes, which can in turn enrich the soil over time.



We also have sand available in any quantity you need.

Black Mulch

Black Mulch

We also offer Black mulch that is triple processed and dyed with organic colorant that is safe for children and pets!

Dyed Chocolate

Dyed Chocolate

We also carry Dyed Dark Chocolate Brown mulch that is triple processed. It is dyed with organic colorant that is safe for children and pets!